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  • New Timepiece for a Classic Mac – Part 2

    I previously updated an open-source project implementing a pin-compatible real-time clock replacement for the Mac SE/30. At the time I considered using the universal serial interface (USI) peripheral built into the Microchip ATTiny85 microcontroller but dismissed it. This post picks up where I left off, making use of the USI module to offload the processing…


  • ESP32 Module

    ESP32 Edge Triggered Interrupt Bug

    So it appears that edge triggered interrupts don’t work properly on the ESP32. For once the software isn’t to blame.


  • New Timepiece for a Classic Mac – Part 1

    Recently I decided to purchase and restore a few Apple Macintosh SE/30 computers. All of which had suffered damage from leaky real-time clock batteries. To the extent that the battery holders and much of the supporting circuitry was no longer functioning or even present. Thus began my quest to replace the real-time clock modules with…