Author: Phil Greenland

  • Ruiden Riden RD60xx MQTT Remote Control

    A quick evening project to remote control my bench top power supply I thought. How hard could it be? I thought. Well it turned out to be quite a bit harder and took quite a bit longer than I thought. But I learnt a lot and I didn’t get bored over Christmas.

  • TLDR Wireshark UDP Dissector

    Quick and dirty Wireshark UDP protocol dissector anyone?

  • Private LTE with Analog ADALM-PLUTO v0.38 Update

    Having recently produced a timestamping enabled firmware for the Pluto+, based on Analog’s latest release I thought it was only fair that the original ADALM-Pluto got the same treatment. This post describes the changes between v0.37 and v0.38. Along with updated pre-build image and build notes.

  • Private LTE with Pluto+ SDR

    After several requests and questions about doing something similar for the Pluto+, I broke down, gave into temptation and bought one. This post covers implementing an LTE eNodeB, using srsRAN and the Pluto+. Making use of its Ethernet interface to achieve a higher performance than my original work with the Analog ADALM-PLUTO.

  • Adventures in CAN FD

    I recently needed some USB to CAN FD adapters for a project. Buying some off-the-shelf adapters would be the sensible thing to do, but where’s the fun in that. If you can’t or don’t want to buy the tools you need, build them!

  • Private LTE with Analog ADALM-PLUTO

    My quest for a low cost SDR solution for IoT mobile network simulation continues. This time modifying an Analog ADALM-PLUTO, adding the required sample timestamping support such that srsRAN is able to use it as it’s radio interface.

  • Xubuntu on a Chromebook

    Having already swapped ChromeOS for Debian on my new Chromebook. I thought I’d give Ubuntu (Xubuntu in this case) a try. Mainly to see if the installation went any smoother than Debian which wasn’t all that straightforward.

  • Debian on a Chromebook

    Having decided to swap out ChromeOS for Linux on my new Chromebook, the initial distribution I tried was Debian. All the hardware works, but it was quite a journey to get it to that point.

  • Linux on a Chromebook

    I recently purchased a Chromebook. While very nice it didn’t quite fit my needs as a developer. I should have probably just swapped it out for a Linux laptop but where’s the fun in that? Instead why not replace ChromeOS with Linux.

  • New Timepiece for a Classic Mac – Part 2

    I previously updated an open-source project implementing a pin-compatible real-time clock replacement for the Mac SE/30. At the time I considered using the universal serial interface (USI) peripheral built into the Microchip ATTiny85 microcontroller but dismissed it. This post picks up where I left off, making use of the USI module to offload the processing…